Andrey's quote:
"When we were children our imagination could come up with anything, and everything seemed possible. We dreamed of things that may be impossible but it never stopped us. As we grow up we start paying more attention to how realistic our dreams are, we start getting grounded. We stop dreaming big, we give up on our dreams because they seem unrealistic, unattainable, unreachable. 
We forget that often times it’s not about whether or not your toy robot comes to live – it’s about letting your imagination go where it wants to go, and just being a passenger for the ride. Every child is an artist; we all drew things on wallpapers, made animals from clay. As we grow up many of us stop doing that (I know I have), we become unimaginative, predictable. I started this series to remind myself about all of that, about the importance of dreaming. Hope you enjoy it!

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