From @gutsaopaulo agency’s creative mind to the stage of The Town Festival! 🎉✨
We celebrate our partnership in this amazing campaign. The vibrant energy of São Paulo comes to life, capturing the essence of the festival.

The magic of creativity is in the air!

Agency: Gut
Client: Kit Kat
Producer: Fabiano Proença
Concept art: Eduardo Rosa
CGI: Fabrício Prado, Matheus Terra and Leandro Mendonça
CGI Chocolate: Thiago Christo.
Post production: JM Britto
First, we start with some concept arts so we can establish the art direction and understand what works best to the client's vision.
The next step is to jump inside 3D and start modeling piece by piece. After assembling all the assets in one scene, we begin testing light schemes and how the materials are going to work with each other. 
Finally, it's time to render everything and and bring it for the post production in Photoshop. You can see some layout variations down below.
Thank you!

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